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Older students who are responsible and trustworthy can look after young children while their parents go out for an evening. A teacher might need to be present, and the “babysitters'” parents will need to give permission for this event to occur. Your school can charge for this service and give a part of the donation to the older student or their parents.
The attractive carrier case makes the chocolate irresistible and easily transportable. Candy bars are a quick, impulsive purchase for just about everyone! Our One Dollar Bars and Chocolatiers brands are tasty bars and uniquely packaged specifically for school fundraising. These quality candy bar programs are guaranteed hot sellers. The candy bar program works well with any size group, whether it’s your entire school, team or individual club.
But did you also know they make for a great school fundraising idea? Host a school sleepover in the school gym or the school library. Tell every student’s parents what the student needs to bring, and plan fun activities, games, or a movie for the children to enjoy.
Expect to make up $15 per 5 gallon bucket, so raising $3,000 for a team is very reasonable and $25,000 for a school possible. Another great High School fundraiser is the Flock of Flamingos fundraiser. A small investment in a few pink friends can turn into a season long money maker. Charge $10-20 to have these plastic feathered friends appear on your friend’s lawn. Offers of Flocking it Forward (donate to move the flock to another address asap) keeps the funds “flying” in. Insurance against the flock landing at your address can also be sold.
You know your team excels on their usual court or field, but how do they stack up in the bowling alley? Provide your athletes with a fun challenge and their supporters with a way to contribute by hosting a team bowling night. Raise money for your team and provide additional practice opportunities for your members by hosting a hit-a-thon or shoot-a-thon! Contributors pick a player to support and pledge to donate a fixed amount for every hit, goal, or basket they make. Nothing brings a school community together quite like a homecoming/tailgating event! If your school has a parking lot, you already have everything you need for this event.
There is a bit of organising with this one but it’s always a guaranteed fun day out for all the family. The numbered rubber ducks are released into a river, lake or canal and they race to a finish line. If your school or club has a large playing field, yard or car park, you could organise a car boot sale. Each car pays a set amount to be allocated a place where they can sell their goods. If your insurance covers it, the school or club could hire out their sports hall or pitches to other organisations for a fee when it is not being used by students. There are a myriad of companies who will collect unwanted clothing and pay the school/club a set amount for each bag.
This is my first fundraiser as a teacher and an adviser for National Honors Society. fundraising ideas for high school would like to thank you and your company so much for making our fundraiser a success. Everything arrived a-ok…many thanks for another great fundraiser….we will do this again in the Spring….
These are large sums of money provided to nonprofits and other charitable organizations, generally for a specific purpose in mind. To get started you can print out the cookie dough order taking forms for either the pre-portioned dough or the actual tubs right from our website to your home printer. Then you can take those to your friends, family and supporters. While a car wash is relatively inexpensive and easy to organize, it does still require careful planning. Pump up the fun with music, and boost profits by selling refreshments and merch, like towels featuring your school logo.
Be organized with a list of names and email addresses to communicate with your fundraising team, utilize newsletters, social media, websites to promote your fundraiser. Keep promoting, reminding, and keep everyone informed about the status of your middle school band fundraiser. Parents can get their cars washed for donations to the school, simple yet fantastic!
They are a fun memento of my time in school and are a great way for schools to fundraise. This has become a popular fundraiser for schools and clubs. Parents are sponsored to take part in a dance routine that is then judged, with the best dancers going through to the grand final. This is a great fundraising idea for older children or parents to undertake. For insurance purposes, many supermarkets will only allow children aged 14 yrs+ to take part. To add extra incentives for the kids, get local businesses to sponsor prizes for the top fundraisers.