Silent Auction 2019 How Does it Work Department of Student Support and Transitions

By the time I deliver their products, they know and trust me and are likely to call again if they want another session. If you want to use silent auctions to help get new customers in your target market, you should give to charities whose bidders are in your target market. This is the key to making sure you get the results you want from donating your time and services.
Your procurement head should also get your long-term board members and C-Suite employees in gear to poke around for biddable items. At the next networking level are people or businesses already familiar with your nonprofit, like those that your nonprofit has worked with in the past. This is the perfect time to reach out for new partnerships, sponsorships, community relationships because you can do more than just hold your hand out.
You can also try different ones throughout the year and see what is best for your supporters. Make sure that each bidding sheet has a writing utensil nearby at all times. You can even assign someone the job of making sure that any missing pens or pencils are replaced as quickly as possible. Unless your auction is very small and informal, or unless you have a devoted volunteer who is as good as a pro, hiring a professional auctioneer will dramatically boost sales.
In addition, involving local businesses or individuals in your silent auction can create collaborations to help raise awareness of your cause. For donations for silent auction , you might hold a silent auction during a cocktail hour or reception. A successful silent auction can help your organization build a more engaged and committed donor base. In turn, this helps you achieve your mission over the long term. For example, this may involve researching and selecting high-value auction items that are likely to generate interest and high bids. During a raffle, supporters buy tickets for a chance to win the raffle item being given away.
A common way to express your gratitude is through thank you letters. Ideally, the letters are hand-written (especially for big donors) though email may be required for larger events. Personalize your letters and give a clear call to action for more ways to be involved.
Here are 50 silent auction tips and theme ideas to help you get the most bang for your buck. It is important to always remember that the goal of the silent auction is to raise funds for the specific cause that the organization is involved with. Silent auction bidders get excited about the prospect of getting a great deal and helping a charity at the same time. Engage them right away by publishing a starting bid and specifying bid increments. Display these numbers clearly on the item page as a prompt for people to start bidding early — and outbidding often. Plus, because the silent auction has a more relaxed pace than a live auction, you can sell a larger variety of items, especially the kind of items that people want to look at closely.
A silent auction ends at a specific time, at which point the highest listed bidder wins the item. In contrast, this is a small store inside a hotel lobby, selling merchandise. Each bid wins as long as the minimum bid and minimum raise is met. Each bidder after may also win the item, however the price will continue to rise.
You may be familiar with auction websites like eBay, and an online charity auction works similarly. You procure donations and no-risk items that supporters of your organization can browse, then bid on and pay for online. Items can be shipped to winning bidders or, in the case of vouchers and certificates, sent electronically.
There are many components, individuals, and logistics to keep in mind while you plan. The team at Silent Auction Pro truly wants your event to be successful. They are alaways available by phone or email, and while their website has fabulous tutorials, they are also fabulous in providing you hands on support.